The difference between strategy & concept.

The basic goals of strategy are to:
1.) Promote awareness of a business, product, or service
2.) Stimulate sales directly while attracting the competition’s customers
3.) Establish or change the image of a business

While concept is developing a “big idea” of the business, product, or service.
Some concept approaches are:
1.) Showing the product
2.) Showing the benefits and features
3.) Showing the alternative
4.) Comparison to competition
5.) Testimonials

Overall, concept is you overarching message and main idea while strategy is how you push that concept forward so it’s known and beneficial to your business, service, or product.

For example, if Sony is trying to sell more PlayStation 4 models it’s concept may be (and is) “The best place to play.” That concept is Sony’s “big idea” for it’s product, and from there it may show the product, show its features, show how it’s different from previous models, show how it stacks up to other consoles, and give customer testimonials. All these concept approaches are shown on the PS4’s web page. (Seen here Concept is import, but it really can’t help Sony sell more consoles unless the company has a strategy to push sales forward and promote the PS4. All of which Sony has done with numerous forms of adverting using concept approaches.


It’s import to think equally about concept and strategy.
I think as students, when we are given an assignment we rush to think of concepts and different forms of concept approaches without giving the same amount of attention to strategy. I feel as if the two prop each other up; if one isn’t well thought out, no matter how strong the other one is overall the promotion of the business, product, or service will fail.


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