CORE Analysis

There are four fundamental elements of the creative spirit: curiosity, openness, risk, and energy which make the acronym CORE.

Curiosity can be broadly defined as the ability to ask “why,” which drives one to invent, experiment, and create. Openness is one’s willingness to accept new ideas while risk is the ability for one to leave their comfort zone and put their work on display.  The last component of CORE is energy you need, both mentally and physically, to complete a project.

I recently used the CORE diagram to analyze my creative spirit and came back with the following:

Curiosity: 8
Openness: 5
Risk: 4
Energy: 7


I believe I am a very curious person; I like to see how things work and if I am capable of producing the same results. Of all the CORE characteristics, this one I had ranked highest, at 8, because I believe it was the trait I related most to.

For openness, I ranked myself at 5. Overall, I believe I’m open to new ideas, but I do not think it shows as strongly in my work. When I’m taught or experience something that works well, I’m skeptical to veer away from it. I think this is one component of CORE I could improve on.

The component of CORE that I ranked myself lowest in was risk, at 4. I know that personally and with my work, I do not leave my comfort zone much and I believe that I could improve in this area of CORE even more than openness.

Lastly, for energy, I gave myself a CORE ranking of 7.  While it was not the area I ranked myself highest in, I think it is one of my strongest characteristics. I always try to bring as much energy as I can to every project I’m given and try to never start something without finishing it to the best of my abilities.

I really enjoyed doing the CORE evaluation, finding it challenging to place myself in an exact numeric category and very thought provoking to explain my results. This activity really helped my look further at my own creativity and what I defined it as.


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